The passing of a friend

I'm sure anyone who reads this page will most likely hear the news from me but tonight I learned that a very good friend has passed away. He was taken far too young and very suddenly. I've lost loved ones in the past but every time it has been an older member of the family who has lived a full life and left behind people happier to have known them. Collin was a young man and his sudden passing makes it so tough to deal with. I've known him since before high school and still saw him pretty regularly. I know the pain I'm experiencing is nothing compared to how much his family must be hurting... it makes me feel like I'm being selfish like I'm feeling bad for myself. I just try to remember that Christ wept when Lazarus died even though He was to raise Lazarus moments later. It's good to grieve for those who pass on but I have to believe that one day I will see my friend again... I will shake his hand and greet him in the paradise prepared for us since the beginning of time. I hope and pray that he has been greeted with the words we all hope to hear at the end of things... "Well done... well done My good and faithful servant. Now enter into the joy of your Master's house."

God bless and God speed your way Collin.


The Fu said…
I wish I could post all of the good times I had with Collin but obviously that's not possible. So I figured I'd post one or two here in the comments as time goes on and the stories come to mind.

Most of you know that I work on computers for a living. Well the unfortunate side effect is that I find myself working on a friend's or relative's PC and usually you don't get much in the way of thanks but the stress level is pretty high since I'm playing with a friend's money etc. Anyway not too long ago Collin's laptop was on the fritz and he called me up asking for help. I spent a couple hours working and then we hung out, had some beers, and played some games (we both love video games) on his Xbox. Overall it was a fun night with just a little bit of work... no big deal at all. Well I head over his house a couple weeks later to find that Collin picked me up a copy of Doom 3 for the PC. I've helped people many times and didn't ask for or expect payback and here was a guy without a ton of money giving me a gift for what was not really a big favor at all. I'm sure he had no idea how nice of a gesture it was and I guess that's part of what makes me miss and admire him that much more.
DC Bowe said…
Whoa, how did it happen? A car wreck or something like that? This does certainly suck. The world is left with one less quality human being in it.

I changed the logo on my blog in tribute.

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