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9 Years Later

I can't remember ever being as busy at this time of year as we have been this year and that, combined with various other circumstances have forced the Grimms to postpone our day of remembrance of the late MOJ, not the least of which is the fact that we nearly lost another of our number this year.  That the Grimms are still 3 and not now 2 is a blessing but Vin's recovery is such that a true night of celebration must wait.  Vin and I still went to the cemetery yesterday for a brief visit but it was hardly enough time to properly pay tribute to our fallen brother.
This busy time has also made it tough for me to slow down and put myself back in the MOJ frame of mind as I normally like to do at this time of year.  As I've said many times, many people deal with the parting of loved ones by moving on as quickly and as best they can.  Others welcome the pain of missing that person since that pain is sometimes all we have left that makes us feel close.  I'm definitely the latt…