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8 Years and a couple of days

This year, we visited the cemetery as usual but there was a good rain coming down.  We decided to pray in the car by Collin's grave and then head out into the rain for a shorter period of time to pay our respects.  After we finished praying, we headed out and the rain let up for a bit.  And this is what we were greeted with: The photo really doesn't do the rainbow total justice.  It was pretty vibrant and eventually turned into a double rainbow.  I'll take that as a sign.  Rest in peace Mojo.  You are always in our thoughts.

8 Years

Today marks 8 years since your passing mighty MOJ.  And yet your Grimm apprentice carries on your memories.  When I load up Golden Axe, I can still sense you playing next to me.  When I'm smashing trolls in Pigskin, I can still hear you laughing.  When I recklessly charge into battle as the Master Chief, you are still there in my mind saying "Paul Muad'Dib you are about to die."  When I drink an MGD I can still see you across the Beirut table.  You have left a hole on our lives, one that I don't ever want to heal fully.  I salute you my mentor, friend, and brother.  You will always be missed... until we meet again.