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5 years

I just realized that it I never made a post last year for the anniversary of Collin's passing and I feel pretty bad about that. Of course we never forget to honor Collin at this time. I may have not made a post but we still gather in his name around this time of year to visit his grave site and pray before heading out to his old job for dinner followed by a "Collin appropriate movie."

I can't lie and say that it hurts just as much every day as much as it did back then. When it first happened, the pain was almost unbearable and the tears flowed every day for many days. As they say though, time heals all wounds and while I don't think I'll ever feel completely fine about Collin not being around, I don't feel those sharp emotional pains nearly as often as I used to. However when this time of year comes, much of that pain does return and I start to wish all over again that I had more time with Collin. I wish he was still here with us. I wish I could sti…