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A year ago

It's been about a year. Come this Friday my son will be a year old and I cannot believe how fast the time has flown by. Considering the complications that accompanied his arrival, I can consider myself a very lucky man. Without going into too many details or without being too melodramatic, let me say that my wife and son came very close to not making it through that day. And yet this post is not about my wife or son.

The happiness of knowing my family is OK is tinged with sadness. Collin's passing has left a scar that I don't think will ever go away and truth be told I wouldn't want it too. When I was a kid and my brother and Collin were good friends, I used to look up to him. I used to always try and tag along with my brother's friends when they went to the arcade or the movies but mostly I wanted to hang out with Collin. Being a young kid, I thought he was "cool." As the years went by and I had my own friends, it was still great to run into my b…