11 Years

The MOJ as Snake Plissken at a Halloween party.

And now it is 11 years.  Life moves faster and faster and, as always, this day sneaks up on me.  I couldn't even make it to the cemetery today due to work.  But, though I do not truly know exactly what waits on the other side of the veil, the MOJ lives on, at least in my memory.  When I read his writings or emails, I can still hear his voice.  And from time to time, when I sit down to pen some Grimm lore, I can hear him laughing as we did in the elder times as we waited for the Beirut table to open.  But after 11 years I sometimes feel like I'm running out of things to say in this conversation with myself.  Do I miss you MOJ?  Heck yeah I do.  To this day I still feel like I can somehow will the past to be a bad dream, that I almost expect to see you standing there when I'm at your grave, chin out, greeting me with a "Hmmmmmm" to me as you always did.  Sometimes it all seems like a lifetime ago but when I let my mind drift back, it feels like just yesterday that we were listening to Maiden or talking about Man-o-War in Vincenzo's back yard.  I feel like I can still see the look on your face when we both sunk that last shot at Beirut at the same exact time.  I can still see that big point you did when you named me Muad'Dib at the Black Forest and I can still see and hear you singing American Women in karaoke later on that same night.

"Anyway, stay Grimm, my young apprentice."
Em Ohus Jayus
And I have my Grimm Master, though sometimes I feel like I'm the last one to do so.  Yet after two years of failing to do so, I have pulled the Grimms back together for yet another salute to your life.  In three more days, we shall gather in your name.  Perhaps I shall add to these words after that.  Until then, I have paid tribute in my own small way, by doing what you and I did so often before.

I took the field in Pigskin once again and added a spiked mace to the face of any fool who stood in my path.

I burned their bones.

Like vile wretches, they attempted to cheat.

They even sent a host of trolls my way...

... and I burned them too.

And I added your name to its rightful place.

I also took The Fiend's Path in Golden Axe as we did so many times before.
Once again, I slew and slew until the Death=Adder lay before me, splayed by his own axe.
For nothing can top the power of the Grimm hordes!
A stomp on Dhalsim's head in Street Fighter 2 in your honor.  This was the last thing you ever did to Vincenzo and I have to laugh madly at that.

Even the mighty Bison falls before the kicks of Chun Li.
Rest in peace my friend.

And know that I keep your memory alive for as long as I breathe.


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