7 Years

It has been seven years and you are still missed Collin.  A few of the many things that I regret I cannot do anymore...
  • head to your house to watch movies, play Halo, or even cleanse your computer of its latest demon viruses.
  • play Beruit with you or against you
  • head to the Milford Rec and play some Golden Axe with you.
  • head to the Square One theater to see your latest play
  • sing those crazy skull lyrics to Canned Heat's Going Up the Country with you.
  • walk under that laughing skull in the doorway to your kitchen and have a cold Killian's.
  • read your Grimm Lore and come up with new lore with you
  • laugh as you torment my poor Mom with your crazy responses to "What are you guys up to tonight?"
  • quote the crazy cultists from Blood together at one of the many parties at the Duva house.
  • piss you off by telling you that "When I left you, I was but the learner; now I am the master." during a Beruit game.
  • do that "Grimm Chin" thing we used to do when we met at Ruby Tuesday.
  • Shake your hand one more time. 
 By the way, I write these entries for myself but if someone happens across any of these posts, please send me an email at paulvreilly@gmail.com.  As close as I was to Collin in the last few years of his life, I still feel like there is a ton I just don't know about him.  I'd love to hear any stories or grab a copy of any pictures or writings you may have from him.  Even if it's just a word to let me know that you were thinking of him too, don't hesitate to send me that email.

Collin doing the "Grimm chin" (courtesy of the Algonkuin Theater Company)

Collin in the last of his plays I came to see (courtesy of Square One Theater, Stratford CT)
God Bless you and rest in peace mighty MOJ!


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