Collin Michael Kiernan - 6 years

I pretty much only use this blog to post anniversaries of Collin's passing and today is no different.  Today is the sixth anniversary of his passing.
For some reason the emotions tied to this anniversary came early this year and I started mourning him more so about a month ago.  I was emotionally spent after about two weeks of missing him with some intensity to the point where today I just felt more subdued.  I still spent my time "with him" though.  I brought flowers to his grave site, prayed, and spoke with him for a while.  I also took a quick drive by his old house, St. James Church (one of his old employers), and the theater where he used to perform.  All of the time in the car was spent listening to Collin appropriate music as well.  Finally I came home and put in a few minutes playing Street Fighter 2 and Golden Axe (two games we enjoyed playing together.)  In a few minutes I'll head upstairs and watch Chronicles of Riddick (the last movie we ever watched together.

This is a picture of us together from my wedding.  I wanted a photo with all of my friends and Collin and I happened to wind up next to each other.  Now that he has passed I feel so lucky to have this shot turn out as it did.  Of course I will remember that day for obvious reasons but I do very much remember Collin's arrival.  He wasn't supposed to attend since he was going to be in Ireland for the week.  But he got home that day and instead of resting, he got dressed up and came to the reception.  I believe that vest his wearing was from one of his plays.  The day was such a blur but of course I now wish I took more time to talk with him and thank him for making such an effort for Amy and I.

Rest in peace mighty MOJ.  You are, and forever will be, dearly missed.


Shaun Marie said…
I can't tell you how often you come to mind, Collin. I miss you so much and I wish I could have done more to make you feel loved. I hope I see you again someday my sweet friend. I love you!
Shaun Marie said…
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paul said…
Hi Shaun Marie. I hope you see this comment. If you do, can you please send me a mail at I basically write these blog entries for myself but I would like to know how you came across this blog and how you knew Collin.

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