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Life goes on but not without its scars

Well the last time I really posted anything was when I posted about Collin's passing. Since then I've once again let the blog gather dust so I figured I should clear the dust and pick up where I left off. I haven't posted any more stories about Collin in the comments below simply because most of them are just situations that might have a personal meaning to me and would be hard to express in words while still expressing any real meaning to anyone else. It does not mean that he's out of my mind though. While the pain has been somewhat dulled, I still think about him every day. Yesterday I went to visit Collin's grave. It feels weird to type such a thing about a friend of mine. I know I'm not a kid anymore but I'm certainly not old enough to be visiting the graves of my friends. There are no standing headstones at this cemetery (that's the rule apparently) so the markers are either flat monuments or just simple markers or a sign of some sor…